IRIN News: “Nowhere to go”: On the front lines of climate change (collaboration) (with photo)

Mongabay: In eastern Indonesia, a bird-trafficking hotspot flies under the radar

New Naratif: “Lust Has To Be Managed” (with photo)
My Translation: “Nafsu harus diurus”

IRIN News: Behind Indonesia’s tsunami response, a patchwork army of volunteers (with photo)

World Politics Review: Religion Again Looks to Dominate Indonesia’s Contentious Presidential Election

Mongabay: Amid lack of enforcement, fishermen take the fight to blast fishing (with photo)

Al Jazeera: Sulawesi on slow path to recovery a month after disaster (with photo)

Al Jazeera: ‘Everything is broken’: Healthcare after the Palu disaster (with photo)

Al Jazeera: In hills of Sulawesi Indonesia quake survivors chafe at aid rules (with photo)

IRIN News: New health threats emerge for Sulawesi survivors (with photo)

The Times: Anger grows as aid fails to reach Indonesia quake survivors

IRIN News: Toilets and tents: A week after Indonesia’s tsunami, survivors still need basic aid (with photo)

Mongabay: In a land untouched by mines, indigenous holdouts fight a coal invasion (with photo)

Mongabay: Indonesians race to save their disappearing lakes, before it’s too late


Southeast Asia Dispatches interview with New Naratif Gorontalo Village cleans up Plastic from Whale Shark Beach (with photo)

Global Voices: Remembering Kofi Annan’s forgotten efforts in Timor-Leste

Global Voices: In Indonesian Papua, Dozens of Children Have Died From Measles and Chickenpox While Awaiting Medical Care

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