Mongabay: Their lawsuit against a coal firm in limbo, Bornean villagers take their fight online

Mongabay: For one Indonesian fisher, saving caught turtles is a moral challenge (with photo)

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South China Morning Post: Calls mount to probe police over student deaths during Indonesia protests

New Naratif: Love in the Time of State Engineering (with photo)

Al Jazeera: Floods, mud: Sluggish progress a year after Indonesia disaster (with photo)

South China Morning Post: Dark tourism draw: Indonesian earthquake city where mud buried homes exerts a ghoulish fascination for some, one year on (with photo)

The New Humanitarian: Indonesia tsunami rebuild edges forward, but not for everyone (with photo)

Mongabay: On an island coveted by miners, villagers prepare to raise a ruckus (with photo, video)

Mongabay: For Indonesia’s Kendari Bay, silting is a death sentence (with photo, video)

The Diplomat: Indonesia Aims for Fastest Growth of Jokowi’s Term

Mongabay: Indonesian flooding disaster bears the hallmarks of agriculture and mining impacts (with photo)

Mongabay: In Indonesia, a land ‘left behind’ weighs its development alternatives (with photo, video)

Al Jazeera: Boots, boats and bikes: Getting out the vote in Indonesia (with photo)

The Diplomat: The Natural Resource Oligarchy Funding Indonesia’s Election

Al Jazeera: Infrastructure at heart of Widodo’s Indonesia re-election bid (with photo)

Mongabay: In Indonesia, an earthquake leaves devastation on land and under the sea

Vice: Photos of Life in Palu Six Months After the Deadly Tsunami (with photo)

The New Humanitarian: Six months after Sulawesi tsunami, many survivors still stuck in makeshift tents (with photo)

The New Humanitarian: Indonesia’s start-up ‘disaster news agency’ (with photo)

Mongabay: In Indonesia, a company intimidates, evicts and plants oil palm without permits (with photo)

Al Jazeera: ‘Open prison’: The growing despair of refugees stuck in Indonesia (with photo)

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Indonesia dam burst raises alarm over unchecked forest clearing (with photo)

Mongabay: Conservation officers forced online in fight against bird trafficking

The New Humanitarian: “Nowhere to go” on the front lines of climate change (collaboration) (with photo)

Mongabay: In eastern Indonesia, a bird-trafficking hotspot flies under the radar

New Naratif: “Lust Has To Be Managed” (with photo)
My Translation: “Nafsu harus diurus”

The New Humanitarian: Behind Indonesia’s tsunami response, a patchwork army of volunteers (with photo)

World Politics Review: Religion Again Looks to Dominate Indonesia’s Contentious Presidential Election

Mongabay: Amid lack of enforcement, fishermen take the fight to blast fishing (with photo)

Al Jazeera: Sulawesi on slow path to recovery a month after disaster (with photo)

Al Jazeera: ‘Everything is broken’: Healthcare after the Palu disaster (with photo)

Al Jazeera: In hills of Sulawesi Indonesia quake survivors chafe at aid rules (with photo)

The New Humanitarian: New health threats emerge for Sulawesi survivors (with photo)

The Times: Anger grows as aid fails to reach Indonesia quake survivors

The New Humanitarian: Toilets and tents: A week after Indonesia’s tsunami, survivors still need basic aid (with photo)

Mongabay: In a land untouched by mines, indigenous holdouts fight a coal invasion (with photo)

Mongabay: Indonesians race to save their disappearing lakes, before it’s too late


Second Presidential Debate podcast, New Naratif – Debat Kedua Pilpres (in Indonesian)

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Southeast Asia Dispatches podcast interview with New Naratif on Palu earthquake reporting Gorontalo Village cleans up Plastic from Whale Shark Beach (with photo)

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