Green Rocks

I write Green Rocks, a weekly newsletter that doesn’t want dirty mining to ruin clean energy.

It’s about where we get our metals, but it’s also about where we will get our clean energy. We need to transition our energy use into a more sustainable system, and the technologies that will get us there ā€“ electric cars, wind turbines, solar panels, energy storage ā€“ require a lot of metal.

That means more earth dug up around the world. Most of it comes from the global South, and it’s sent to wealthier places where people consume the lion’s share of the earth’s resources. (see nickel)

The newsletter monitors the mining companies that are branding themselves as renewable energy companies. It tracks grassroots movements that may have gotten more coverage if we weren’t facing a pandemic. It examines alternative technologies and policies that promote equitable futures. It’s as much about technology as it is about environmental justice.

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