Toros and Hospitality

The taxi driver’s first word to me was ‘welcome.’ That always brings warmth, doesn’t it? Maybe the same warmth that made his rosy cheeks stand out in the Thessaloniki night.

He used his name while he was telling me a story about him and his buddies, and it sounded like Toros, so that shall be his name.

The first thirty seconds of the taxi ride were quiet, perhaps because I could feel by the comfort of my seat and smoothness of the ride that I could have chosen a cheaper taxi. But we got into talking about his nifty device to track flights that his customers were flying in on. Yeah, this was definitely too nice a ride. For the 30-minute trip, I paid a price similar to what I would pay in Germany.

Yet in the middle of our conversation – of our ride – he told me 74% of what I would pay him would go to the government. Only 26 euro of every 100 euro he earned was actually his. He was complaining that nobody wants to invest in a country that lacks consumers. Industries could take their business 100km north to Bulgaria to make money. Continue reading “Toros and Hospitality”