I created the blog part of this site in 2015, when I was studying in Turkey, and restarted it in 2016, when I was volunteering with asylum-seekers in Greece. The first post is here. The reason for restarting and keeping it alive today is below.

This blog was set up to talk about media freedom, but it has a morphological history in debt to serendipitous opportunities to meet people born into ostensibly and diametrically opposed backgrounds.

These are chance encounters and glimpses of the world. They date from 2015 to the present, and they’re a bit experimental.

It’s an attempt at a magic trick – deconstructing statistics and reconstructing individuals. I only write about people I will likely never see again – to protect individuals and to deliberately accentuate the dearth of knowledge about them. It comes from a belief that individuals can defy their stereotypes. Why invent knowledge to fill the gaps?

My sample set is biased; it’s the people who want to talk, so the people I encounter come from a certain demographic and personality. I don’t edit these very heavily, and they’re not meant to make locations nor fixed differences apparent. You can learn about me here.

The Posts:
(newest first)

Hidden Coffee

Market to Mosque and Back

Adopted with One Regret

How to clear a path to human rights

2 girls, 3 introductions, 1 farewell short

Between tourists and home

Skins, noses, lakes, and jobs

A school on top a mountain

Two bedouin shop owners

A call from Irfan

Everyone’s a knish critic

A drive to Walmart

Not all who get carsick are lost

The lady who led a full life

Einstein, The Taxi Driver


The Tent Designer

Mr. Hara and the Hara Brothers

Khaled and the Snake Family

Promises to Mr. Laughs

Mobeen, the screw-up story

The man whom no clothes fit

Toros and Hospitality

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